Do you remember doing homework? One of my daughter’s teachers (10 years ago) once told me that she didn’t assign homework because too many students didn’t do it. When I asked her why didn’t she just give them zeros, her reply was that she didn’t want to have that many failing grades.


Since when did the students take over? When those same students hit high school, it was clearly evident that they still didn’t do homework. Why should they? After all, it was the teachers’ responsibility to teach them, not their responsibility to learn.

Now that she is in college, my daughter is learning a very difficult lesson. To pass the classes, your professors expect you to DO THE HOMEWORK!

What could I have done when she was younger to teach her how to study? I asked the teachers if she needed to do homework, and most of them said only if she didn’t finish in class.

I’ve been thinking about this lately. Do I expect my students to do the homework? You bet your bottom dollar. Most of the time, I barely have time to finish my lessons. Homework – work done at home – is necessary for my students to practice the skills I teach.

With the Common Core standards coming soon, my students are going to have to do more HOMEWORK at HOME. My classes will be full of application for the skills they practice.

How do you handle homework?

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