Going Digital

Pardon me for a moment while I reminisce about the “good old days”. Those days where math problems were done on paper with a pencil, where the only calculators were the basic 4 function variety.

Technology Integration in those days meant using the overhead projector to use the fancy see through basic 4 function calculator that looked like the ones in the class set.

For some schools that was only 2 or 3 years ago! My how time has flown by. Today, we use websites from around the globe to show our students the reasons why they need to know how to graph an equation.

The overhead projector in my room has a thick layer of dust. I haven’t used it since I took this position just over a year ago. I don’t even have any transparencies to go with it.

Technology is changing so quickly today. Now I use cell phones and interactive whiteboard software to twist and turn the lines to show how the changes in slope change the equation of a line.

I wonder what the future will hold. I can’t wait.

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