I digress

Did you have Thanksgiving or were you preparing for Christmas?

Thanksgiving was designed to be a day to GIVE THANKS for what we have. Did you count your blessings?

I am thankful for my religion. I am grateful to have something higher than myself to believe in. No, I won’t tell you what my beliefs are. For the first thing, my beliefs are mine. I don’t have to share them. I have to live them. Secondly, I have no intention of getting into a debate over which religion is the best. I’ve already decided for myself. You need to decide for yourself.

I am thankful for my family. Yes, even the ones that drive me crazy. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am. They have shaped me into me. The love and support I get from them is truly the glue that holds my world together.

I am thankful for my job. I get to work with young people. I love watching them discover the next step. I love that “a ha” moment when it finally clicks. I love trying to figure out the best way to balance both their needs and the state requirements. I love decorating my classroom. Those inspirational posters are as much for me as they are for the students.

I am thankful for the food we are able to prepare each day. I am blessed with many delicious choices each meal.

I am thankful for the decisions that I get to make every day.

I did not rush out Thursday night to start shopping. I enjoyed the evening with my family. I was THANKFUL.

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