Thank Goodness for Technology


Tonight I got back to my routine. Every Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00pm, teachers from around the world get together on Twitter. It is usually an up lifting experience. When it is over, I usually feel energized to do a better job for my students.

However, just as it was wrapping up tonight, I discovered my first negative nelly. I reach out to my parents through a variety of methods from phone calls to parent letters, to text messages, class website, etc. I consider myself a pretty connected instructor. But tonight, a fellow teacher commented that she doesn’t want to connect to parents, the parents SHOULD want to connect to her.

A quick text message via a texting service, allows me to reach parents that would otherwise never be reached. Many of my parents are at work during the same hours I am. Reaching them during my work hours is almost impossible. By providing “passive” methods of receiving information, I make sure the excuses are gone.

No longer can a parent on my list tell me they didn’t know about the test, or that the homework was due on Thursday. Parents know what is happening in my room, because I tell them. The idea that I must rely on the student to remember what to tell Mom and Dad is gone. Now Mom and Dad already know BEFORE the students get home.

I love the way technology has helped me communicate with everyone concerned about my classroom.

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