Homecoming Week.

This phrase is enough to make a veteran teacher cringe with the thought of students out of class, instruction being missed, and the general mayhem that it entails.

I started thinking about all the traditions that surround homecoming week at my school.  We have our share of princes and princesses, the big pep rally, a parade through town, and, of course, the big game on Friday night.  Then I thought about the thousands and thousands of students from inner city schools that don’t have a homecoming week.  There is no field to call their own.  No parade that snarls traffic just for their school.  No hi-jinks to provide laughter years later at a reunion.

I am glad I work at a small rural school.  Our faculty participates with the kids to celebrate our school.  Homecoming is about more than just the football game.  In our community, people really do still come home for the festivities.

We have dress up days.  This year we celebrated with “Duck Dynasty” Day along with “Back to the Future” day.  The students and the faculty dress for the days as much as possible.  We have fun.  We don’t forget why we are here, but we don’t take our selves too seriously this week.

By participating in homecoming, I let the kids know that I value our roots.  It is important to remember our past.  Memories should be created and cherished.  Tonight, I plan to help a few kids make some memories.

Oh, yeah…Go team!



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