Don’t be afraid to connect.

 October is Connected Educators’ Month.  For me, this is very important.  When I returned to the classroom, I was the only Algebra teacher on my campus.  Yes, I had other math teachers, but I was the only one that taught Algebra.

I had to reach out to people across the country.  I found some amazing educators doing some tremendous things with their classes.  It made me realize that I wasn’t alone.  It also energized me.

I encourage every teacher I meet to get connected.  There are tons of ways to do that.  My favorite way to reach out is Twitter.  Every week there is a group of educators that take time from their home life to share with others across the planet.  My Twitter name is @MathNeil.  Don’t worry about commenting.  Just hang out.  We understand.  I promise that every person that moderates a chat once just watched as others moderated.  Join us.  We love to share.

If you happen to be an educator in Florida, we chat together on Wednesdays at 8pm (EST).  Our hashtag is #FLedchat.  Hope to share with you soon.

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