Why I Stay…

I’ve been blessed with some really awesome connections lately.  One such connection (@ShieldsMolly) mentioned tonight how tired she is of the blog posts about why someone left teaching.

I decided to write about why I stay.

I stay because I was called to teach.  From the time I entered kindergarten I was amazed with teaching.  Mrs. Turk was the kind of teacher that you always remember. She kept track of me throughout the years through my dad. When he passed away, she came to the funeral. I knew her as she walked through the door. She inspires me to stay.

I stay because despite all the regulations, I love to watch the students “get it”. There are very few days outside of my classroom that can compare to watching a young man or woman discover that they CAN learn. That may sound sad to some but, I can tell you that career teacher knows exactly what I mean.

I stay because I can’t give up. I know the future of our world depends on an educated population. This is my legacy. I must teach my students to think for themselves, to persevere. If not, the free world will cease to exist.

I teach for each and every one of my students. They are all my responsibility. This is my garden. I tend it with all that I am.

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