You Can Study Math?

In the hall this morning, a student and I were having a conversation.

Student: I’m going to get Mrs. Wayne to give me some extra work to do with you after school during tutoring.

Me:  Why don’t you know how to find the material yourself?  How do you study math?

Student: You can study math?

Me:  I think we’ve found the problem.  Yes, you can study math.  We will work on that during tutoring.

This has led me to think about her question.  Do my students really know how to study math? Have I been giving them the skills they really need to succeed beyond my class?

A couple of new connections (@DennisDill and @JustinAion) have been encouraging me (even if they didn’t know before now) to step out of my comfort zone.  I teach much more than the curriculum.  If I am not getting them ready for their adult lives, then what am I ultimately doing?

Studying Students

One thought on “You Can Study Math?

  1. This is a fantastic interaction. I told my students today that we as the education system have done a terrible job of preparing them for even the education system. We tell kids to study, but never show them how or why.

    Great job stepping out. I followed my own advice today and left my comfort zone so far behind that I needed my passport.

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