Reduce and Enlarge

Today I gave an impromptu lesson to a group of middle school students.  I connected to @JustinAion this morning.  Luckily he was free.  Sometimes things happen for a reason.

After a quick explanation of what twitter is.  I loaded up my new classroom account (@neilsbucs) so they could see for themselves.  After a few minutes, the kids were really looking at what was happening.  They asked some very surface questions.  That was okay.  We shared  with Mr. Aion that we do Genius Hour on Friday.  His students are exploring for their learning topics.  So, now if I can remember my webcam, we will be skyping with his class later this week.  Even the students that normally don’t connect came back by my room today to remind me to pack the camera.  I expect there are/will be notifications on the classroom facebook to remember the camera.

After tweeting with @JustinAion, my students noticed another fellow tweeter (@magicalmaths).  He is from London.  Even though we didn’t make an instant connection.  He did give us a shout out later in the day.  I was able to share that with some that had a second class with me later in the day.  “Cool”, “Wow”, “Is he really in England?” “Why would he talk to us?”

I saw a connection in some of them today.  A realization that other people around the world care for what they have to say.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

I have reduced their world by bringing it into our classroom but, I have enlarged their world by taking them to it.

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