Learning to walk

Some days just are.  This week has been like that.  We are just returning from Thanksgiving holidays.  The students aren’t quite back into the school thing.  I see a school year slipping away from me.  I’ve got to get it all done.  State testing will be here before we know it.  These high stakes tests will determine which classes my students qualify for next year.  They also partially determine my evaluation.  Both things are highly motivational to me.

Progress reports are also going out tomorrow.  So, this has been a week of “Let’s get it done!”

The students want to skype again.  They think it is so cool.  The classes that didn’t get to skype are ‘pestering’ me to find a skype activity for them.  That’s a good thing.  Students need a reason to come to school.  They have to have the want-to.

Today we talked about having the want-to.  We discussed what it meant to believe you can achieve.  Just because a skill is difficult, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it.  When you learned to walk, you fell down — a lot.  You got back up and tried again.  You did that because you wanted to walk.  You didn’t want to be carried around.  You wanted to go get ‘it’ yourself.

I do my best to make my classroom that way.  Yes, I will be there to help you with your baby steps.  But, I really want you to walk on your own.  When you reach out, I will be there.  I will also let you fall on your own so you will get back up.  That’s where the real learning takes place.  The a-ha moment comes when you realize you don’t need to have your hand held.  You can do this.  You have learned.

That is why I teach.  They are why I teach.


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