Where’s your class?

We have now completed our second Mystery Skype.  Having never done a mystery skype, I was a little apprehensive about what to expect.  However, the class we met had themselves very organized.  They taught us the format and shared with us how this worked.  They found our tiny little town.

The second classroom we connected with also taught us something.  My students came away from the day with vocabulary they hadn’t felt the need to learn before.  Words like, landlocked, and peninsula are now words that have a purpose and a meaning.  I was very pleased.

I am still battling the “new toy” excitement of skype.   My students want to talk and jump around in front of the camera.  I am constantly trying to get them to understand that the microphone picks up so much more than they think.  I want them to be respectful and focused but, they want to show off for the camera.

I know the day before winter break is not the best day to ask them to focus.  Maybe I just don’t have it all together yet. Oh well, I have two weeks to get my act together.

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