Challenge Accepted.

I’ve been challenged by Jon Harper (@JonHarper70bd). It is a blogger’s challenge. I’ve seen similar challenges on Facebook. The difference here is the goal is not to collect spammer information. It is to connect educators and expand our lists of blogs we follow.

So here are 11 things most people don’t know about me (In David Letterman fashion, least important to most important) 

11.  I am a Whovian by marriage. My husband is the Dr. Who expert in our family. When we married I tolerated the show. I would sit in the room with him and support his passion for the show. Now, I admit I am a Fangirl, fully and without remorse.

10.  I wish I was more of a girly-girl but I’m not. I don’t wear makeup very often because I don’t feel comfortable in it.

9.  I prefer wooden pencils to mechanicals. I really don’t care for those “wrapped” pencils at all.

8.  I miss chalkboards. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology but,I miss the feel of chalk. It was easy and it washed out.

7.  I love the color purple. Now, those that know me personally will say this doesn’t count. After all, I have lots of purple things (wallet, phone case, drink cup, etc.). But this is also for my blogger friends that don’t see that side of my life. Purple is my signature color.

6.  I have only been drinking coffee for about a year. Now, I drink it every day. I’m hooked.

5.  I believe every student can and wants to learn. I’ve never met a student that truly wants to remain uneducated. It is my job to find their motivation.

4.  I have learned something new every time I open my twitter feed.

3.  I love the fact that my daughter wants to teach mathematics. She makes me proud to be her mom in more ways than she wants me to list here.

2.  My husband is my very BEST friend and biggest supporter in the entire UNIVERSE throughout all space and time.

1.  I am a Christian and I believe the Holy Bible is the Word of God. If you don’t agree with me, that’s alright. You have to find your place in this world. If you ask me, I will share. If you don’t, I won’t.

Here are Jon’s questions.

1.  Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

Starbucks.  I’m a new coffee drinker. I haven’t branched out yet.

2.  What is your one big thing you want to accomplish in the new year?

I want to continue getting healthy. In the past year I’ve lost about twenty pounds and am about to complete my first squat challenge. Staying focused on this is a big thing for me.

3.  What was your favorite movie in 2013?

I didn’t go to the movies at all in 2013. My last movie experience was “Hope Springs” in 2012. I enjoyed it very much.

4.  For or Against Common Core. 

I don’t think I can answer this one yet.  Being in Florida, our Governor is still deciding what we will be using next year. My initial response is that ANY set of standards sets the minimum level of expectations for my classes. It doesn’t really bother me what “standards” the state requires. I generally aim far above them.

5.  What book are you reading right now?

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen.  I am reading it to my classes during our DEAR time.

6.  Are you a night owl or early riser?

I am generally an early riser by trade.  But, when I am on vacation, I have a tendency to stay up late.

7.  What in education did you change your mind on this year and why?

This year I changed my mind about getting involved in Twitter.  I have been lurking and occasionally commenting on Twitter Chats for about a year.  One night someone posted a question about a Florida edchat.  Within a few minutes, I had agreed to help Dennis Dill (@DennisDill) with bringing #FLedchat back.  Now I co-moderate #FLedchat every Wednesday at 8pm.  It has changed my entire world.  I learn something new every week.  Now I look forward to Wednesdays.

8.  How funny is Will Ferrell?

Not as funny as Vince Vaughn or Jim Carrey, but funnier than my students trying to explain why they don’t have their homework.

9.  What would your name be if you were a rapper?

50 Cent Ameter

10.  How much time do you spend on Twitter each day?

I spend a minimum of an hour a day on Twitter.

11.  What is your favorite picture book?

Personally, my favorite picture book is the one my daughter made in 2nd grade.  She proclaimed then that she wanted to teach like her momma.

11 bloggers I follow (in no certain order).

1.  Justin Aion

2.  Nicholas Provenzano

3.  Steven W. Anderson

4.  Justin Tarte

5.  Jon Harper

6.  Julie Reulbach

7.  Steph Reilly

8.  Chuck Maddox

9.  Dennis Dill

10.  Lisa Bejarano

11.  I must admit, I don’t have 11 blogs that I follow yet.  I have just begun branching out into reading other bloggers.  (In other words, I am discovering, that sadly, I am NOT the center of the universe.)

Here Are My Eleven Questions for you:

1.  Smooth or Crunchy?

2.  Coke or Pepsi?

3.  What is your proudest moment of 2013?

4.  Who is your favorite actor/actress?

5.  What new experience are you excited about happening in 2014?

6.  If you were trying out for “American Idol”, what would you sing?

7.  Do you consider yourself a “techie”?

8.  Apple, Windows, or Linux?

9.  What was the last movie you saw in the theater and when?

10.  What was/is your favorite piece of integrated technology? Why?

11.  Salty or Sweet?

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