Social Media Clean Up

I am challenging myself and my students to have a purpose for our social connections. I friend people on Facebook because we have a personal connection. If I haven’t been able to “speak” with you or shake your hand, you have no business in my personal life. When I follow you on Twitter, it is because you added something to my PLN and I respect your opinion.

I do not strive for thousands of followers, nor do I follow people on a whim. My social real estate is very valuable. Advertisers want me to “like” their product pages so they can get free advertisements. I understand that. I like their product when I put it in my grocery cart. I also understand that Twitter and Facebook are free services. I agreed to their acceptable use policies when I signed up for an account. That doesn’t mean that I have to like their policies.

I just want my social network to understand how valuable it is to me. I don’t share for followers. I share because I respect my network. I learn from each and every connection. You are valuable to me.

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