Plan to be Perfect

Here we are at the end of 2013.  So many of my peers across the internet are looking back on the past year, reflecting upon what they did well and what they could have done better.  Others are looking forward to the year ahead — a  set of blank pages ready to be written upon.

I sit here in my chair I am enjoying today.  Pandora is playing through the Chromecast that my husband got me for Christmas.  He is actually in his office today.  My daughter is working as well.  I have the house to myself.  That doesn’t happen very often.  So I am enjoying today.

I have done all the reflecting I can handle.  2013 was a tough year for my family.  We lost several very special people this year.  Despite those tears, there has be laughter, love and a desire to move forward.  Our faith in God never faltered.  He walked with us every step of the way.  I pray that he will continue to walk with each of us.  Our traditions have changed.  There is an uncertainty in my family.  New dynamics are taking shape.  2014 looks to be a boldly different year for our family tree.

Professionally, I feel challenged.  I am constantly asking myself if I am doing all I can to reach my students.  There are a few that have been on my heart during our vacation.  I have been praying that when we return I have something new to offer them.  Students that are challenged at home come to school with baggage that they hide.  They don’t want to let us see.  It is sometimes too painful to admit their own families aren’t the supportive people in their lives.  I have to be there for them. I can’t let them down.

I won’t be just another adult that moves them along.  I will make them stop and focus.  I want my students to take good looks at themselves.  I want them to face their challenges knowing they are not alone.  I want students to see the open doors in their future.  I want them to leave my class with their heads held high.  I want them to be truly successful.  Sure, I could give grades.  But the value in a grade isn’t the grade itself.  The value is in the work it took to get there.  An A in my class should stand for something spectacular.

I have several goals for myself.  I will not bore you with the particulars.  Suffice it to say that like many of you I plan to be perfect in 2014.  That should take care of my resolutions until I wake up tomorrow morning.


Happy New Year!

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