A New Experience

Today I got to experience my first edcamp.  It was a virtual edcamp.  EdcampHome 2.0 to be precise.  It was organized by 4 really great people.  So I send a tremendous thank you to the following people:


David Theriault (@davidtedu)

Karl Lindgren-Stricher (@LS_Karl)

Kelly Kermode (@coachk)

Shawn White (@swpax)

They did an amazing job organizing the event.  Almost 300 educators from around the world were able to connect and share ideas, resources, and support.


I, however, felt like a bumbling fool through much of the event.  I had done GHOA (Google Hangout-on-Air) before but somehow today I felt totally brain dead.  I volunteered to moderate both sessions.  My first issue was that I didn’t remember that my computer was connected to the sound system in my classroom.  It took me over 10 minutes before I realized that all I needed to do was unplug the headphone jack.  The people in my session were gracious and did their best to bring me along.  To them I am thankful.

The first session I moderated was about Genius Hour.  There were a variety of people in our GHOA.  We had representation from the entire k-12 spectrum.  We had newbies (like myself) to veterans to those looking to find out what it was all about.  It was a great round-table discussion.  We each shared and asked questions.  I did not realize that I needed to save the chat text.  I am really kicking myself for that.  There were excellent sites and resources shared.  Kirsten Wilson shared a link to her site (https://sites.google.com/a/nisdtx.org/genius-hour/) that is full of resources.  I suggested those new to Genius Hour check out Paul Solarz (@PaulSolarz).  He shares his students’ projects and provided my students a wealth of examples.

The second session I moderated was Social Media Branding for Ed.  I totally blew it on this one.  I was waiting for a link to the page with people who signed up for the discussion.  Somehow I missed it.  It took me better part of the hour to figure out where I needed to go to find the list.  I was only able to connect with one other person but she was very gracious about my issues.  We had a nice discussion about branding in Education.

I must say, that if I took away the technical glitches I caused myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations.  I hope to make more connections in the future.  I can’t wait to do this again.


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