The Social Blender

I co-moderate the Florida Educators’ Chat (#FLedChat) with Dennis Dill (@DennisDill) on Wednesday nights at 8pm.  It is a fun experience.  I really enjoy getting to know my fellow educators 140 characters at a time.  Recently a couple of really inspirational educators have begun trying to bring all of us State Chat Moderators together.  Joe Mazza (@Joe_Mazza) and Jeff Bush (@bushjms) have been instrumental in changing the way I see our weekly conversations.

Joe has worked to put all the state chats on the map – literally.  I encourage everyone to check it out here.  This was an amazing first step.  It literally opened my eyes to all the state chats.  This got us all talking, everywhere.  A community was formed on Google +.  There are about 40 or so State Chat Moderators already there.

It was a quiet community.  Sort of like the teachers’ lounge.  Everyone knows where it is but very few hang out in there.

Then Jeff Bush created a survey.  He emailed it to everyone in the community.  I have been getting e-mails from tons of people responding to his email.  It has been great. Conversations have been started. I confess, I even added to the rush of electronic communications.  I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the aggregated data.  Jeff must be working around the clock.  ElectricBlender

The combination of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook has opened my eyes to the social media blender we use daily.  There is no one magic social media site.  The connections are made across all of them.   I use twitter for chats.  I use Facebook to keep up with the Edcamp Duval Team (Allison Hogan, @AllisonHoganESD, and Lindsay Sharp, @LindsayPSharp).  Google+ is a great place to connect to larger groups like the State Moderators.  Each of these social media giants have a unique role to play in staying connected.  Together they keep me connected and happy, just like a good old fashioned strawberry milkshake.

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