Time Flies

About two weeks ago,  I had an opportunity to participate in a Google Hangout On Air with a couple of amazing people. Jeff Bush and Walt Reap and I discussed the newly formed State Ed-Hashtag Moderators group on Google+.

It was great to be a part of the foundation of this community. I truly think this will help change the conversation about education in general.

As our conversation began to come to the end, I realized that I was talking to the first person to follow me on twitter. Jeff didn’t realize he was such an influential person in my life. He was truly humbled when I thanked him for helping me get started on Twitter.

He asked me one question that I must clarify. Jeff asked me when did I join Twitter. I told him I had joined a couple of years ago but had really only been active since August, 2013. I started looking back to try to figure out just when did I “meet” Jeff. I posted a blog about my “Twitter High” on November 27, 2012. That was the night that Jeff reached out and followed my account.

Thanks to Jeff and many others since then, my classroom has never been the same.

I didn’t write this to embarrass Jeff. I truly appreciate everything he has done to encourage me and many others to get connected. I wrote this so I could remember the feeling I had when he followed my account. Every time I follow a Twitter newbie, I remember how much that first follow meant to me.

I still get that “Twitter high” every time I participate in a chat. Thanks, Jeff!

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