I Think I Can Feel the Bottom…

I am from Florida.  I have lived here my entire life.  I have a confession.  I don’t swim.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I can dog paddle but, don’t ask me to save anyone.  I can barely get myself across a backyard swimming pool.  (But you’re from Florida…) Yes, I’m from Florida and I don’t swim well.  In fact, I rarely spend time in or around water for recreational purposes.  I love it when my friends invite me to go on the river in one of their boats.  I even love pool parties.  I just don’t get in the water very often.  I prefer to feel the bottom.  When I can’t feel the bottom of the pool, lake, riverbed, etc.  my panic levels rise to almost emergency levels.  For this reason, I am one of the only people in my community that has never floated down the river on a tube (See the Ichetucknee Springs).  Yes, I do get funny looks when I say that out loud.  That’s okay.  I’m really good at being me.

As some people know, I am changing my classroom focus.  I was given an opportunity to revive the IT department on my campus.  It has been very stressful making this change.  With math, I always knew that 1 plus 1 equals two.  With IT, I am not so sure of myself.  I am leaning on my peers from the other schools in the district.  They have been encouraging and supportive.  I have also found great support from my PLN.  My twitter peeps have been there for me during the middle of the night when the cold sweat of what I am doing keeps me awake.

Thanks to everyone that has felt sorry for me, I can truly say that I am starting to feel the bottom.  My panic has subsided (somewhat).  I am no longer looking at blank pages trying to plan my courses.  I have actual scope and sequences now.  I don’t know how well I’ve planned them out, but just having something on paper gives me a place to start.  Since there haven’t been any true IT classes on my campus in a while, I will be starting with the basics.  I will have a keyboarding class, 3 different classes learning different aspects of Microsoft Office, a Gaming & Simulation class, and a Digital Media class that will be focused on video production.

Yes, that is a lot.  (Please don’t make that face or say, “Yikes!”  It only brings my anxieties back.)  But, I think I can feel the bottom.


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