Sometimes You Just Go Nuts…

Dental work doesn’t typically bother me.  I’ve had wisdom teeth removed and went to work the next day.  I never saw what the big deal was.  But this root canal I just had, has kicked my hiney. (Yes, I said hiney.)  While I was waiting for the advil to kick in, I checked out my Twitter feed. By the way, it was almost midnight at the time.

There it was. A discussion about Coke or Pepsi.  It is one of the great debates of all time.  This conversation had some of my favorite Tweeps: @TheWeirdTeacher, @sholvah2010, @nolagirlfromtx, @tritonkory, and @ChEdTn.  The conversation meandered through various topics like most late night conversations with friends do.  Then I mentioned how much I enjoy putting peanuts in my coke.  Wow! That blew up my feed.  So of course I had to find some peanuts.

There was also a conversation about boiled peanuts.  Somehow the two conversations got mixed up.  I cried from laughter.  My dear husband was asleep.  I was in pain. And I was silently laughing as tears rolled down my eyes.


Boiled peanuts are a Southern tradition.  If you haven’t spent large amounts of time in the southeastern corner of the United States, then there is a good chance you haven’t ever heard of such a thing.  It may sound as strange as the fried oreo.  But for this Southern Girl, a boiled peanut has the power to take me back in time to those Saturday afternoons at my Grandparents.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins all sitting around outside waiting for the pot to boil.  Once Grandma declared it done, then the real work began for the adults.  They had to shell for themselves and for those of us too young to grasp the peanuts ourselves.

At a previous school, boiled peanuts helped the FFA make it to their state and national conferences.  During peanut season, you can find boiled peanut vendors on just about every country road intersection.  Boiled Peanuts, and their spicy sister, the Cajun Boiled Peanut are delicacies that must be experienced.

Here I am opening a jar of boiled peanuts.  My Dad and I used a pressure cooker and mason jars to preserve these peanuts. This particular jar has been sealed for 9 years.  They are as good today as they were the day we canned them.  I only have 2 jars left. Dad would have gotten a kick out of the fact that these peanuts were used to educate others.

One thought on “Sometimes You Just Go Nuts…

  1. My dad passed away the April after he taught me how to can peanuts. It is one of my favorite memories with him.

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