Something Different, part 2 (#NT2t)

This was the second part of last week’s chat. As you may recall, last week Rik Rowe (@WHSRowe) and I were supposed to share both Evernote and IFTTT. We got through the Evernote but it took longer than we expected.  It was the first time we had ever done anything like that.  These type of lessons over Twitter had never been done as far as we could tell.  Evernote has lots of options. Each platform is a little different. There is no wonder why it was so crazy last week.

If you don’t learn something from every lesson you teach, then you shouldn’t be teaching.  I can promise you that Rik and I both learned a lot. I think it showed in this week’s chat.

The first thing we did was create a flipped model.  We put all the notes online in an Evernote notebook.  It was really important to me that IFTTT support the lesson that Rik had done last week.  A few days later, I sent out a link to a video I created using the TechSmith Snag-it Extension in the Chrome Browser.  It captured both the screen shots and audio of me walking people through the lesson. It was my hope that one set of instructions or the other would help the #NT2t participants prepare before the 9:00am Saturday chat.

On the Friday night before the chat, and after a conversation with Rik, I posted a 4 question survey. It was designed to quickly judge if people had gone through the material or not. It was also designed to identify those that might be able to be “expert assistants”. This did prove to be successful.  I found several people willing to help.  Teachers are really good at helping others.

The morning of the chat, I got up early and got coffee and settled in for the chat. Several people arrived early and that was a great opportunity for a pre-chat.  I love the pre-chat time. It reminds me of those few minutes before class starts. Everyone is so excited to tell you about what happened to them since you last saw them.

Once the chat started, the gang over at #NT2t (Google + Community) had great opening questions set up.  Once we got into the IFTTT lesson, I was focused on getting the tweets out. I did get to answer a few questions but not many.  It is true that if you are giving the instructions, you need someone to handle the questions.  Rik Rowe was that person for me.  He was great at helping me speed up or slow down.  I was focused on his replies to me.

It was a steady stream of tweets.  All in all, I think it went well. I still need to go through the storify (found here) that Stephan Hughes (@defstef98) did and make sure everyone got their questions answered.  There were a few that needed more assistance after the chat, but all in all, it seems that the flipped model really helped make this week go smoother.

I will be using this model with other lessons in the future.



2 thoughts on “Something Different, part 2 (#NT2t)

  1. #nt2t went really well yesterday morning! Thanks for all you do! So helpful on the IFTTT intro! Using a couple of recipes already! – @thisclasstweets

  2. You are most welcome. I am glad you have taken what you learned and have applied it to your own needs. That is true success. Congratulations!

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