Miami Device

This year I am starting a brand new chapter of my life.  As of August 18, 2014 I will begin teaching computer applications to the students in grades 6-12 at my school.  Throughout the year I will be guiding students towards industry certifications in Microsoft Office. At the same time, I will be looking for the next step in their technological education.

By attending Miami Device, I hope to begin this process with a bang. I wish to learn what is happening in other classes across the state of Florida and around the world. I want to bring back to my school and district a variety of choices to explore for our students’ futures.

I also hope to share my experience at Miami Device through this blog, as well as through the Twitter Chats that I both co-moderate and participate each week. I feel it is important to share information learned at conferences with those that were unable to attend. As one of the co-moderators of #RuralEdChat, I feel it is my responsibility and privilege to share this information.

Creating this blog post has been an interesting journey for me. I have connected with so many wonderful and engaging educators through Twitter, Google+ and Voxer. Reaching out to them for their support was difficult for me. I am stepping outside of my comfort zone. It has truly been a growing experience for me. I don’t know that I would have done this without the support of two specific people, Ashley Hurley (@ashleyhhurley) and Sarah Thomas (@sarahdateechur).   I also want to thank everyone that helped with the video below. There are no words that describe what the kind words meant to me. Whether I win a registration or not, I am grateful to Miami Device for this opportunity to grow as a person and as an educator. This experience has changed my outlook on so many different levels.

One thought on “Miami Device

  1. Today I received notification that I won one of the free registrations for Miami Device. I am truly overwhelmed with emotion today. I owe it all to my amazing PLN. I can’t wait to learn in Miami and share that knowledge with the world.

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