Week 5 — A Look Back & Look Forward

We have some developments. The network cables have been run. The electrician has arrived and is working every day after school to get the new power circuits ran. Step two is almost complete. The next step will be getting the hardware installed.

We worked on understanding the 4 corners of a word document this week. We had a few technical difficulties and will test over the material tomorrow. I am expecting great things from my students. My 6th grade wheel class did power point projects with random words. They did an amazing job. There were, however, a lot of Vortex transitions since that is what we call my classroom. I consider it an honor that they connected their accomplishments to our classroom.

My Game Design class has been divided into project teams. Project Managers have been determined and the other jobs are being assigned this week. The students will be using our State Standards to make games that teachers can use to reinforce their curriculum.

This next week we will be adding to our knowledge base. I am excited and ready to see them all in the morning.

Connected Educator Month Kick Off Chat

October is National Connected Educator month. I am honored to participate with two awesome ladies, Ashley Hurley (@ashleyhhurley) and Sarah Thomas (@sarahdateechur) to host a nationwide chat that starts at 8pm in each time zone. It is a Tweet & Talk. There will be a Google Hangout On Air for educators from across the country to share how being a Connected Educator has changed them.  I will be totally wiped out on Thursday, but I am so excited about it. Check out the website at http://ceoct.strikingly.com/

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