The Real Connections

This is Connected Educators month. So what? Every chat is talking about the power of being connected. When the same topic pops up in various chats, I start to ask why? Is this topic just the flavor of the week? Is there really that little to talk about? Or is there something else going on?

Yes, the topic of “Connected Educators” is the topic of the month. Almost every chat is talking about the resources connected educators bring to the classroom. The classroom has been opened up like never before. Even if the classroom teacher isn’t connected virtually, there isn’t a teacher that doesn’t ‘surf the web’ looking for something new for his or her classroom. In that respect, every teacher is a connected educator. We are celebrating the fact that we can share information. We no longer have to recreate the wheel every time.

Sometimes, yes there really is that little to talk about. As a chat moderator, it can be difficult to find topics. Talking about the power of connections is an easy topic. Everyone has a story to tell. That was exactly the purpose behind the #CEOct chat that I helped organize with Ashley Hurley and Sarah Thomas. We wanted to highlight the fact that we all have stories to tell. We also wanted to connect the various chats so we could help each other grow their PLN. It has worked. People are telling us their stories and many connections are being made. Moderators are finding that they share goals with chats in other time zones. It has truly been amazing.

Yes, something else is going on. It is clear that educators every where want the best for their students. Administrators are searching for ways to encourage their staffs to grow. Teachers are looking for a way to spark that student they know has potential but isn’t motivated yet. These connections are becoming real. I have never met Ashley or Sarah in person. But, they are part of my family, my edu family. I could not imagine my life without them or others like, Beverly, Eric, Justin and Rik.

Yes, the connections are real. They have meaning. They have a life of their own. So let’s keep talking about being Connected Educators. I can’t wait to meet you, too!

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