Open Files

How many open files do you have? Some days it feel like every single file is open on my desk. And yet, there isn’t one that I actually want to put away. Each and every project I am involved with inspires me to keep moving. I know I have a difficult time saying No to new projects. When I see something that can make a difference to students, I want to be all in. There I go opening another file.


I have begun to wonder if I will recognize my limit when I hit it.


2 thoughts on “Open Files

  1. There is something so powerful about being inspired. I just love to create. It fills every part of me, is so meaningful to me and brings me such joy. Add teaching to that and matching it with students needs…oh pure bliss! I think balance is always important. You can’t go full on forever but filling that part of you is so very important too!!

    • I am finding great satisfaction when I can close a file and realize I gave it my all. I find that I can only have so many activities on my plate at one time. They must all be in different stages of completion. Too many starting up, or too many just about to end can become stressful. I am happy with the balance I have right now.

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