The Anatomy of a Voxer Chat

There has been a lot of conversation on Voxer about what is the best type of chat. Here is my opinion, for what it is worth.

Here are the links to my previous posts on Voxer:

One to One Chats:

These are great for working on a project or for that extra clarity you may need on a topic. Hopefully you have connected to the other person in another venue (larger Voxer chat, Twitter, blog, etc.) so they know to expect the conversation. These one to one chats generally need more attention, just like a face to face conversation.


Small Group Chats:

These chats tend to have 3 – 10 participants. They usually have a stated goal or purpose connecting those involved. These chats generally provide a deeper, enriching experience. Friendships and spontaneous collaborations are frequently the norms in these small group settings, much like you would find in a club or team. While it is possible to be a fringe member of this type of conversation, the true value comes from being a contributing member to the flow of ideas.


group chat


Large Group Chats:

Much like a Twitter chat, large Voxer chats (10 or more members) create a more constant flow of information. Participants in Large Group Chats often find themselves feeling behind if not attentive around the clock. Participants may find the need to move through the river of on going conversations by marking unheard conversations as read and jumping back into the stream. The psychological need to listen to every Vox can become overwhelming. A majority of members in a large group chat do not actively participate. Many people use the large group chats much like a favorite radio show, turning it on to play in the background as other tasks are being completed.

No matter how you use this app, it is clear that Voxer is bringing educators together from around the world. How do you prefer to Vox?

A great place to find Voxer support is the #BFC530 Twitter Chat. The Voxer group is called the BFCLounge. There are amazing people there waiting to help you with any of the above chats. Check out their website (



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