Twitter and a Beautiful Sunrise

This morning I stopped along the highway and took a picture of a beautiful sunrise. People driving by were looking at me like I was crazy. Before I drove off, I shared the picture and the experience with my fellow teachers on the BFC Lounge (A Voxer Chat for the #BFC530 Community).


Sunrise in Lebanon (provided by Claudine)

As we traveled along together, my Voxer pals and I discussed how this event was a perfect metaphor for the conversation we were having. Sharon, Joli, Scott, Julie, Claudine and I had been discussing how to encourage those in our schools to become connected educators. We were talking about how many times when we mention we got a resource from someone on Twitter or Voxer, we get that look. A look that says, “Are you crazy?” Much like the look I got this morning from those motorists that were in such a hurry they didn’t see what I saw. They missed the beauty.

The Fog Before the Freeze (Provided by Julie in Massachusetts)

As other pictures of the sunrise started being posted, it became clear that this metaphor was true. We may all be in different locations around the world (Claudine is in Lebanon), but the same sun shines on us all. Just like Twitter and Voxer connects us all.

Sunrise in Texas (provided by Joli)

As the conversation continued, it was clear that the sun does not set on the #BFC530.



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