One Small Problem with Going Digital

This year I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to start a new program at my school.  I am now the Computer Apps teacher. I teach students in grades 6 through 12 the ins and outs of Microsoft Office. I am in a lab setting. Every student has a computer to use in class. I use both Edmodo and Google Classroom right now. I would consider my classroom about 95% paperless. I have students that, for the most part, want to learn what I have the opportunity to teach.

There’s just one small wrinkle.


I am an office supply junkie. For the last 24 years, I have lived for the Back-to-School sales. I revel at the sight of new ink pens and pencils. I have collected rulers and scissors until I have enough for each student. I buy notebook paper by the case. Erasers by the gross. I’m always on the lookout for great pens to use for grading papers.

Now, I don’t need any of those things. A friend of mine started helping me clean out my closet. I had over 20 purple pens. Not surprising since my favorite color is purple. But now I don’t ever NEED to buy another purple pen. I have 2-3 packages of those cap erasers. I won’t even begin to tell you how many boxes of paperclips I have.

Thanks to a Google drive, I don’t even need a thumb drive.  I have around 15 of them in various shapes and sizes. When this school year began, I looked fondly through the Back-to-School adds. There wasn’t anything there I needed. My back to school shopping consisted of buying a wireless mouse with a cool purple design on it and one accordion file to hold those forms and documents that the law requires me to have.

I don’t know what will replace my need for office supplies. I still walk down that aisle in the local stores. I longingly look at new pens and notebooks.

Then I look at the “load” I have to carry home each day. I no longer have stacks of paper to lug back and forth. Gone are the fears of losing papers that my students so diligently labored over. No more ink stains in the bottom of my purse.

Ooooh, is that a new highlighter?

4 thoughts on “One Small Problem with Going Digital

  1. Okay, the YouTube ad with the shirtless guy at the piano threw me for a loop. It’s listed right under the “Ooooh, is that a new highlighter?” LOL
    Other than that I have to to TOTALLY agree with you! As I walked down the back to school aisle last August–there wasn’t anything I needed–like you said, including a thumb drive! I do still have a few though, as we still have teachers who aren’t quite up to date with all this Google Apps for Education stuff.

    Luckily, since we’re a 4th & 5th grade campus, I still get to dress the walls up with pretty glitter stuff. I just purchased some poster board and made a glitter borderline on it, will have it laminated to write notes on for the classes.

    Edmodo and Google Classroom here as well. Great blend.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures! Love reading them

    • That’s too funny. I don’t see the ads in the Chrome browser. I actually had to log out and go to the Internet Explorer to see what you were talking about.

      I also still get to decorate my classroom. I’ve gotten blue LED Christmas lights. We are creating a “Vortex” to go with our game theme. I’ll post pictures when I get it finished.

  2. Tammy, my youngest daughter would sympathize with you. One of her favorite times of the year was “back to school shopping” time. I think she is going to be so sad one day when she has children of her own and misses that opportunity. But, seriously, kudos to you for going with the change and moving to the environment in which students learn the most easily. 🙂

    • Amy, thank you for your kind words. It is definitely a transition for both the students and I. We are learning together.

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