Better Together…

Earlier tonight I held the first Technology Integration Support Group at a local Starbucks. It was very small, just one other person was there. But that was not the most important part. The important part was that learning took place. A teacher from a neighboring district was able to find the support needed to grow. While we were talking, a connection with another educator was made. The next meeting time was set and shared. The promise of more at the next support group was encouraging to the two of us and the new connection that was made.

We will be meeting again in two weeks. I can’t wait to see what happens then.

4 thoughts on “Better Together…

  1. It really doesn’t take a big conference or some social media event to bring us together. How wonderful for you and for this other educator that you connected and are there to support each other!!

    • It was really a great time of sharing tonight. I hope that when we meet again in two weeks, there will be at least one more. But, if there isn’t that’s fine, too. We are walking our way through the Google Apps.

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