Pixelation on the Floor

I teach a Game Design class in a lab full of computers. My students have an amazing ability to let me know when they don’t understand a concept. They ask questions! It really is an amazing experience. I encourage other students to try it.

On a more serious note, this week we have been talking about graphic images. Specifically those pixel based images that get blurry when we enlarge them. Their questions indicated that they didn’t quite get how it worked. Then it hit me…painters tape!


Taping out pixels on the floor brought the questions. What are you doing? What’s that, Mrs. Neil?

I had them leave their seats to gather around the painters taped “pixels”. I showed them how the computer decides what colors go in the middle when the image is enlarged. That’s when the “Oh, okay. I get that.” started to be heard throughout the classroom.


Yes, I could have done this on a computer. A quick animation would have been just fine. Taking the time to get them up from their computers and moving helped drive the point home that this was an important topic.

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