Please Don’t Tag Me

Yet again, a friend has tagged me in yet another educationally focused meme meant to be funny. But what it really does is perpetuate the myth that I and the millions of my peers are not doing our jobs. It is harmful.

The media doesn’t need your help. They are doing a great job convincing legislators across the country that more regulation is needed in our classrooms.

Do you want to show you support what I do? Then take the time to read the articles I share about the positive things that are happening in our schools. Make an encouraging comment on the pictures of the projects my students are doing. Respond to a blog post with thoughtful and courteous remarks that will stretch my thinking.

Trust me, I want to grow. I want to push my students beyond their own understanding. I want to see them soar.

I understand you think these things are funny. I get that you have a right to comment about “how bad it’s gotten”. I also remember the “good old days” but that’s another blog post entirely.

I can’t honestly say I love memes. Most of them are meant to put down one group or another. Share them all you want, that’s your right. Just please don’t tag me.NO_sign

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