In one week

EdcampBranford happens next Saturday. It’s been on my calendar for about six months now. As we come down to the last week,  many things are racing through my mind. There are lists of things I feel I must accomplish to make everything run smoothly.


I know that all you really need are people willing to share with each other. All the door prizes are great but the main goal is making connections and learning with each other. If you know me, you know how much I value those things. I am a strong supporter of what an effective PLN can do for a teacher.

But I also want my school to shine. I am very proud of my students, my peers, and my administrators. It is for them that I go the extra mile. I can’t wait to see the collaboration that could begin at our little edcamp.

If you are in the North Florida area on April 11th, stop by. We would be happy to have you join us. You still have time to register, as well.

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