Today in the Teachers’ Lounge

Thursday Tweet-Up


There were only two educators in the teachers’ lounge today. There was cake and lemonade. We were there to celebrate the first ever #BranfordEdu chat. We weren’t there alone. We were there with educators from around the world interested in learning with and from each other.

It may not have been a large chat. We connected with 13 other educators that gave us time out of their busy day to collaborate. We also had a couple of students from the school newspaper. They asked important questions and seemed genuinely interested in how Twitter could be used for a two way conversation. It was just the beginning.

Here is the Storified archive.


One thought on “Today in the Teachers’ Lounge

  1. I’m so excited that you’re getting this started, Tammy! We tried a school chat over Teach Like a Pirate, and it didn’t take off. After EdCamp St. Augustine, I might try to get a Palencia chat going again, I was wondering if a slowchat might be a good idea.

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