Must Follows

I understand the desire to help people start on the path to building a Professional Learning Network (PLN). I live with that goal every day. I have begun to see something that disturbs me. The dreaded Must Follow posts.

It is in our nature to guide beginners. “Follow those that I followed. Follow me. I’ve done this and I can show you how. ” While this is an easy way to get people up and running on Twitter, I believe it is the wrong method.

It is easy to throw out the “big names” and the “edu-rockstars”. If new users are active at all, these names will pop up without our guidance. The path that I took is MY path. Each newly connected educator must find his or her own path.

I want to encourage the newly connected educator to search for those key words that fuel their passions. Of course I show them the chat schedule, but only briefly so they know it exists. There are so many chats that at first glance it can be totally overwhelming.

Take one step at a time. Remember the only “must follow” is your own path.

I want to take a moment and thank Sean Farnum for sharing the #edblogaday idea with me. I strongly suggest you check out his blog at He is a fantastic educator doing very creative teaching. I am honored to call him friend.

3 thoughts on “Must Follows

  1. Hi Tammy! you haven’t missed it: It’s still 9:23 pm in my time zone! I like both: suggesting people to follow — not just the rockstars, but those I like that are related to their areas. And expecting them to find their own with key words, chats, and lists. I suggest newbies take a look at the lists on others’ profiles. They can find many in their field and topic. Thanks as always for your insights!

    • Sweet! Thanks, Sheri! I’ve suggested finding lists as well. Always helping others learn how to find their own way.

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