You’re Welcome

I don’t hear this phrase very often anymore. It’s not that I don’t hear “Thank you”, its more that so many of us say “Thank you” right back. I’ve started wondering why this is. Have we become so unable to just accept a thank you that we must reciprocate immediately?

I am just as guilty as anyone else. I’m not trying to point fingers just point out that this wonderful phrase is dying out and I think that is a shame. When we do something worthy of a thank you, perhaps we should honor the person saying it with a you’re welcome. It’s not a competition to see who is the most thankful. It is about being gracious enough to accept that someone found value in what you did.

I promise to say you’re welcome more often.

Help me keep it alive.

Thank you for reading my blog.


2 thoughts on “You’re Welcome

  1. You’re welcome! And Thank YOU for writing. I enjoy reading your blog. It has been a great resource for me and I like that I know you come from a middle school math background LOL.

  2. Tammy,

    ****Funny! I almost started this out with a “thank you” myself for sharing your learning, until I read Robin’s comment! Oops.***

    So, I’ll start again. You said thank you for reading your blog, and I mean to say, “You’re welcome.” I’m glad I learned about it from Sean Farnum’s blog today.

    Thank you for the suggestion to keep You’re Welcome alive. I will make a conscience effort to listen to myself being gracious when I am given a thank you. (Or in Arabic, shukran and afwan.)

    In an opposite sort of way, it reminds me of my grandma, who once in a while would try to give us some money she probably couldn’t afford, and when we’d argue, she’d say, “Just take it graciously. I wouldn’t give it if I didn’t want to.” I have learned that lesson from her, so sometimes when people do things for me instead of trying to pay them back, I have learned to say a humble, “thank you.”

    Thank you *again* for sharing your learning!


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