Testing season is coming to an end for many schools across the country. The end of the school year is not far behind. The few weeks that lie between these two grand events can be the hardest part of the school year for the students and the teachers.

We have come to believe that a test is the culminating event to a unit. For decades, that’s the way education has happened. Add to that the pressure that’s been tied to the standardized tests, and we should expect a feeling of completion after those exams are done.

When spring arrives, especially after a long winter like we’ve just had, our thoughts naturally turn to play time. Teachers can find it difficult to keep students focused on the learning.blooms

These two emotions build in both students and educators to create a huge since of longing for school to be over. I call it being scorched, not quite burnt-out but just a little too well done for comfort.


How do we combat this scorched feeling? I think that this is the perfect time for educators to take risks and start laying the foundation for next year. I encourage educators to take a risk and try something new. Teach the way your heart leads you. You might find that scorched feeling disappear.

You might just find that it changes the way you see education. It might just encourage you to start the year this way. You may find that teaching this way may just bring an insight you’ve been missing. Go ahead, give it a try.

One thought on “Scorched

  1. I’m doing this…I introduced a few new technologies to my students and hope they feel inspired to use their new tools over the summer. The end of the year is tough but with some newness, it’s not so bad!

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