Podcasts vs Voxer

I have seen some incredible tweets lately about the virtues of podcasts. I used to listen to podcasts all the time. I loved the way I could control what I listened to in the car. I had several that were timed just right for my daily commute (45 min each way). It was a great way to learn about new information during what had previously been down time. I had them scheduled to download when I was in wi-fi. That meant that when I got home each night, there were new episodes ready for the next day.

A couple of things happened to change my routine. The first was the discovery of Voxer. I discovered educators were available to talk about a variety of topics. Real conversation – a give and take of information. It was interesting to me. I had a Bluetooth head set so I could comment hands-free. This was amazing. If things went well, then I would have an energizing conversation just before I started my day.

I changed phones about the same time. I moved from the iPhone 4s to the Samsung Galaxy s5. It was a huge switch for me. I wanted to go to an Android phone because I wanted to know both environments. It changed the way I use my phone. The larger screen and new apps caught my attention. I had so much to learn that podcasts took a back burner.

Thanks to some advice from Rodney Turner (@techyturner) about which podcast apps to use, I am back to listening to podcasts, as well as voxer chats. They each have their virtues.

Podcats vs Voxer

These are just a few of the things I’ve come up with on my own. I’m sure others can and will add to the conversation. Each has a place in my heart and a slot on my calendar. I love being able to converse with people in Voxer. I equally love being able to sit back and listen or watch the conversation happen in podcasts. One thing I can guarantee, if I have on headphones, it isn’t music any more. Its information.

One thought on “Podcasts vs Voxer

  1. Love your posts Tammy. You have been such an inspiration and helpful resource. Podcasts are addictive
    and am just checking out Voxer. Thanks for all the insight that you graciously share.

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