Today’s STEM Expo (5/8/2015)

Today I took a team of four ninth graders to our regional STEM Expo. This is the third year for the NEFEC STEM (@NEFEC_STEM) Expo, but it was the first for my team and myself. We learned a lot today about what to expect for the future. But we also learned a lot about our expectations for ourselves.

I want to thank Denise Harshbarger (@harshbargerd) for organizing a great event for the students of the NEFEC member schools. It was beautifully executed and my students have tons of great information to share with their classmates next week.

It was reassuring to hear the thoughts of my students as we made our way back to school. They were very excited about the possibilities next year. They expressed sadness about the school year coming to an end. We discussed making plans for a possible “virtual game design camp” this summer to keep their skills fresh. We also discussed the future of the Game Design program at our school.

Listening to these youngsters get excited about learning and where it can lead them was invigorating to me. I am now looking at working with the students individually to create a 3-4 year plan to individualize their game design experience.

It was a great day!

Check out the storify:

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