A Few Presentation Options

Someone asked me about presentation options today. He wanted something a little different for his upcoming presentation. I don’t know what he chose but I thought others may be interested. I also want to document the options I provided for future reference. All these options have a powerful “free” version.


This takes one image and allows you to put “hot spots” on the image. These hot spots can be text, links to websites (such as YouTube or other reference pages). This allows for an interactive opportunity for the user. My students find the options useful and fun.


This allows the user to create animated videos to inform the audience of a wide variety of materials. Sounds and videos can be added to specific areas of a video. A large variety of graphics have been grouped together to help the user create a smooth experience for user and viewer alike.


A tried and true option for the “anti-PowerPoint” crowd. Prezi allows the information to be presented in a very fluid manner and linear manner. It has become an industry standard for presentations.


This is my newest presentation tool. While this site is designed to help students and teachers share information the Mind Map portion makes a great online presentation tool. It allows you to move from one “branch” to another and follows each thought to the conclusion before moving to the next thought.

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