Blogs I Love

The main reason for this post is very selfish. I want one place to visit so I can link to the posts I want to visit frequently. Yes, I have links set in my browser, but to have them all on one page makes it very easy for me when people new to blogging ask for advice. I want to be able to share a wide variety of bloggers that I look to for guidance as well as support. These folks are my go to’s. This is just a small list of sites I frequent.

Sarah Thomas (@Sarahdateechur)

Sarah has a unique blend of commentary and new ideas. Following her blog, I have walked beside her as she incorporates new ideas and new technology into her classroom. She also isn’t afraid to talk about the tough issues that we all need to have in front of us. She is an amazing industry leader that is dedicated to helping everyone.


Doug Timm (@DougTimm34)

Doug is an elementary school administrator whose love for his school (students and staff alike) shines through his posts. His reflections make it clear that he is about the students first. His enthusiasm flows through his posts like a brook through a meadow. His integration of technology into the daily lives at his school proves that tech shouldn’t be the star in the movie, but it is the supporting character that pulls the story together.


Kerry Gallagher (@KerryHawk02)

Kerry teaches history in a paperless classroom. She will be the first to tell you that being paperless wasn’t her goal. She routinely produces lessons for her students that take them deeper into the topics than they ever thought possible. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some of her students through Google Hangouts. Their depth of knowledge is amazing. Her blog is a testament to her dedication to her students. She also routinely shares her opinion through researched commentary. She always has facts and documentation to back up her thoughts. Kerry openly shares the tools she uses and how they impact her students.


Melissa Eddington (@Melsa777)

Melissa is an ELL teacher. Beyond that she works diligently to connect her district by moderating #DubChat. She shares resources and reflections. I love her honesty and openness. She lays it on the table and says, “Here it is, let’s talk about it.” Her suggestions are always practical and right on point.


Dr. Will Dayamport (@iamDrWill)

I love how Dr. Will combines video interviews and blogging. Each week he finds an industry leader and interviews them about a timely topic. He has been a great source of information and connections for me. I never fail to find something relevant and useful on his site. His ability to make his guests comfortable even though they are miles apart is a testament to his ability to connect with everyone he meets.


Amanda Rogers (@TheEdsaneT)

I just recently discovered the joy that is Amanda’s site. She uses this site in her classroom so I can rely on the fact that every tool she uses is up to date and kid friendly. This will definitely be one of my go to places when I need a touch of creativity in my classroom.


Justin Schleider (@SchleiderJustin)

Justin teaches Physical Education. I mean he REALLY teaches physical education to his students. He is dedicated to his students while at the same time working diligently to improve education for everyone. Every week, Justin produces #slowchatPE to encourage other physical education teachers to think outside of the traditional methods. His questions are thought provoking. I encourage all educators to check it out.


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