Eavesdropping…on Purpose

This week is Graduation week at my school. As a result, I’m not as available on social media as I normally am. My team at #RuralEdChat has stepped up, like always. John Martin (@edventures) and Robin Hosemann (@robinhosemann) came up with the idea of having a conversation about Universal Design. (Check out the archives here.) They are amazing teammates. They along with Natalee Stotz (@nataleestotz) and I work very well together. Natalee also had Graduation activities at her school last night.

This post isn’t about the actual chat, which I think went amazingly well. This post is about listening in on John and Robin as they worked through the process of designing a great chat. The four of us use Voxer as one of our primary communication tools for planning our chats. We also share a google doc that makes it easy for us to all be on the same page. (Pun intended.)

When I got in the car to drive home, there were over 50 messages in our Voxer group. If you are on Voxer, you know that could be very overwhelming. It was also right at the start of #RuralEdChat on Twitter, so there was no way for me to actually participate in the chat save for the 2-3 tweets I sent out while stopped to get take out for my husband. So I turned on the Voxes and let them play. What I heard was an amazing give and take between two very talented individuals. I found myself talking out loud to them. I wanted to answer questions but I knew they had already solved all the problems they were encountering. There really wasn’t anything for me to do but sit and listen.

I heard their grand ideas and listened as they each battled with making those ideas fit the forum of a Twitter chat. I listened as our newest co-moderator worked through her own need to support the conversation. I heard the veteran reassure her that she was indeed on top of it and to not worry. I was truly a fly on the wall.

The conversation between them lasted almost the entire 45 minute drive home. I felt it was a beautiful commentary to how teachers collaborate and create beautiful work even though they are miles and miles apart. I was eavesdropping. I did it on purpose. I’ll happily do it again.

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