Dear RHD

Dear Rockets Help Desk,


I have heard that your teacher, Kerry Gallagher, is moving to another school. While I am sad that she won’t be there to lead you, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you (the students) about the impact you’ve had on other students and teachers around the country.

Earlier this school year, I connected with Mrs. Gallagher through the #BFC530 twitter chat. Later we connected through Voxer. I even got to meet her when she came to Florida to present at the Blue Ribbon Schools conference. She is an amazing educator that has always lifted you above anything she has done. The first real indication of this was when she shared about a Google Hangout you were doing with other Student Help Desk teams. 

When I heard you all share about what you are doing, I immediately started talking with my students. Your enthusiasm to help others helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed. This next year I am starting our own version of the Student Help Desk. I have watched your videos, read your blog posts, and have been inspired to provide a space for my students to do the same.

I encourage you to work through the emotions that must be running through your hearts right now. Look past the present and see the future. You are doing something amazing. People like me are seeing your efforts and are stepping up to provide those same experiences for our students.

I hope to be able to connect with you in August as we begin down the path you have already walked. Perhaps the future of Rockets Help Desk is something you never expected. You are the epicenter of change. The ripples you have created this year are becoming waves and are carrying fresh new ideas around the world.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what you accomplish as you step out on your own this next year. Keep your heads high. After all, YOU are the Rockets Help Desk.



Tammy Neil

Grateful Educator from Florida

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