Wrapping It Up

Two days of post planning is all that remains of the 2014-2015 school year for me. It always makes me reflect on the year as I clean out cabinets. This year has been a unique one for me. I can honestly say I’ve grown more professionally this year than any previous year in my career.

This was the year I took control of my own learning. This year I began learning about teaching. I volunteered for every professional development opportunity that came through email. I went to every edcamp within a reasonable driving distance. I participated in Twitter chats that just last year I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing. It changed me. I’m grateful.

Just like professional athletes, a teacher’s off season is spent preparing for the next season. This summer is also full of professional development opportunities. But it also has its share of down time. I am looking forward to sleeping in a few days. I’m looking forward to more than one PJ day. My Kindle Wish List is full of books to #Read4Fun and books to study for growth. I will be coding and developing programs for my students. I will be painting and watching Netflix. I will be preparing for the new year. I will be attending a conference or two. I will be meeting some of my Twitter friends face to face for the first time. I will be creating new friendships and new partnerships for my classroom. I will do all these things in my “off season”.

I am a teacher. This will be my summer. The new season is just around the corner.

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