The Head Bounce

One thing I’ve noticed this week at ISTE is the head bob. People say hello then instantly their eyes go to your name tag. The automatic look at the tag generally indicates a Twitter user searching for a handle. You can see the look in our faces. “Do we follow each other? Are we connected?”

When the answer is yes, there’s another introduction. This one is usually higher pitched and more emphatic. Those are the magical moments that I love. Making the connections stronger is the underlying goal of this particular conference. It is wonderful.

(By the way, I’m having a little bit of a fan girl moment with a place. I’m actually blogging in the Bloggers’ Cafe!)

One thought on “The Head Bounce

  1. I was guilty of this a lot. I tend to know names better than faces, especially when all you have to go by are tiny Twitter avatars. I had to force myself to start making more eye contact, because I realized that I had started just scanning name tags as I walked around.

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