Time for a Change

For many years now, I’ve had the twitter handle @MathNeil. I’ve taught math for the majority of my teaching career. But for the last year, I’ve found a home in the computer science area at my school. It has been an amazing year. With the support of my PLN, I’ve been able to provide a solid foundation for my students. For that I am forever thankful.

I have also watched as that same PLN has grown beyond anything I could possibly have imagined. I have made connections with people near and far. The world has gotten both smaller and larger all at the same time. I now find myself explaining my handle when I meet people. “But you don’t teach math?” is a question I’ve heard over and over again.

I want to take control of my online presence. I want it to fully reflect who I am. So tonight I am changing my twitter handle to @TG_Neil. I want to connect educators to each other. The subject is not nearly as important as the people behind those accounts. I want to get to know the people behind the tweets.

I am holding onto the @MathNeil account so I can maintain control of the story associated with it. This change will not be noticed by many. The connections I’ve made will not change. I hope they will grow stronger in the years to come.

Special thanks go out to Mark E. Weston, Ph. D. (@ShiftParadigm), and my entire PLN for helping me work through this process.

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