A Year Later

About this time last year, I came across a tweet that would change my world. It occurred in a conversation. Here is a snip of what it looked like…

The Road to Miami
I’ve since changed my twitter handle to @TG_Neil.


Felix had a crowd sourced funding opportunity. I had not stepped out from behind my Twitter account. It was not like me to seek support this way. But two amazing ladies, Sarah Thomas (@SarahdaTeechur) and Ashley Hurley (@AshleyHHurley) supported me through out the process. As a result, I created this video, Get Tammy to Miami. As you can see, I had help from tons of people around the world.

I don’t write this to shine the light back on me. Quite the opposite. I am writing this so others will see how incredibly valuable that crowd source funding was to me. This was the first time I felt at home among the presenters. Felix and the entire team behind Miami Device made us all feel valued and appreciated. I don’t know who the other 12 were that earned a scholarship. At no time were we singled out. We were part of the event.

In the year since, I have become more bold in my sharing. I am sharing connections with everyone I meet. I’ve presented at a couple of conferences (FETC and ISTE). This year I will also be presenting at Miami Device. I encourage those of you in my PLN that can help with the crowd sourced funding opportunity to do so. You can find out more about it here –> Help Fund A Deserving Educator get to Miami Device.

2 thoughts on “A Year Later

  1. I’ve written a few posts about Crowdfunding PD from the perspective of constructing an argument for suppliers to support educators with events and causes like this. Educators with an interest in this may find some of these links of interest;

    Can Crowdfunding Pay for Educators PD?

    A Little Empathy Goes a Long Way: Miami Device Conference

    If anyone is looking to engage suppliers they may find these lists useful;



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