Tweetdeck Ah-ha Moment

Last week, I participated in Edcamp Leader in Melbourne, FL. Susan Bearden and Cathy Koos created a learning environment that was welcoming and inviting. I facilitated three sessions. During a session I facilitated with Jerry Blumengarten and Jerry Swiatek about Twitter, Jerry Swiatek shared his Tweetdeck account with us. I saw something I had never considered possible. Mr. Swiatek had two hashtags in one column. He had a column for #ISTE15 OR #ISTE2015. It didn’t really sink in until later what I was witnessing.

The next day I reached out to Jerry and asked him about it. It was simply a Boolean search. But for me, it was like the sky had opened and a ray of sunshine was lighting my world. I knew about these type of searches. I use them all the time in my Google searches. I had never considered using it in another application.

Finally, I had more control of Tweetdeck than I ever thought possible. The multiple columns could be combined. This would allow me to be able to monitor more hashtag chats. I no longer have to scroll left and right to watch multiple conversations. I love it. Thank you, Jerry!



One thought on “Tweetdeck Ah-ha Moment

  1. Boolean searches in Tweetdeck! Thank you so much for posting this Tammy. I use Boolean search techniques all the time everywhere else, but it never dawned on me to use them as part of a Twitter reader. My digital life just got more efficient 🙂

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