My First Blab!

This morning I heard about another video conferencing platform called Blab! I just finished my first experience on the site, so I thought I would share what I’ve learned so far.

Blab! is in beta right now. That means it is still in the development stage. So when you give it a try, keep that in mind. It can be reached through this link to their site.

Blab! allows up to 4 people in the video conference at a time. There can be unlimited number of participants watching. Everyone watching can comment on the right hand side. There’s also a way to show support (or feels) through the hands in each video screen.

The person that starts the Blab! can record the conversation. When the Blab! is done, the Lead Blabber gets an email with links to both the audio and video recordings, as well as an embed code for the Blab! session. Here is the session I led. As you can see, the audio through the iPhone app is still a little buggy.

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