Voxer Norms

On_VoxerI recently sent out a Google Form asking questions about norms in Voxer Chats. Thank you all that shared your responses. The responses I got were very revealing. It seems that most people feel the two minute guide is a great norm but understand that a few longer voxes may just be necessary to get the point across. It was also clear that most people that responded thought Voxer chats were positive in nature and were full of encouragers.

However, it is also clear that there are some pet peeves emerging as well. Here are a few.

  • Don’t leave without saying good-bye.
  • Keep conversation relevant to group purpose.
  • Try not to repeat yourself; don’t drone on and on and on.
  • Please move side conversations to “side voxes” (private chat).
  • When a few people dominate the chat, others may feel they aren’t welcome.
  • Once someone has left the conversation, it is rude to talk about them. (Let them go quietly.)
  • If you join a group, plan to stick around.
  • Joining a group only to advertise your “brand” is tacky.
  • In larger groups, don’t vox every free roaming thought.
  • Prefer voice voxes over texts.

I was pleased to see the number of people that felt the norms in their groups were fine. Here are a few of their favorites.

  • Encouragement
  • Tag a vox if you are responding to them.
  • Assumption that adults don’t need norms.
  • What’s said in voxer stays in voxer unless permission is given to share vox.
  • Respect

I wrote this post so a conversation could start. Some people left their names, some did not. I chose not to add names to responses but rather to compile what I found. I have kept the form open (see link above). I hope people will continue to share their opinions.

Voxer Tip: If you are on an iPhone and are having problems having voxes play one after another, there’s an easy fix. Swipe the arrow next to the first vox so you see the forward and star options. Now when you play that vox, the following voxes will automatically play as well, no more tapping to make the next one play. (Thanks Justin Schleider for that tip.)

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