We’ve only just begun.

Just over a month ago, I was asked to organize professional development about Google Docs. I’ve led people in learning about Google Docs before so no problem. I could do this. The next day while in the shower, I realized this wasn’t the same type of learning as I had previously done. This would be three hours about Google Docs. How would I handle that and not completely overwhelm members of my faculty? Three hours of just about anything feels like an eternity even if you enjoy the topic. It was time for some brainstorming. I turned to my PLN, of course. I have thanked so many of them for their generous time as I bounced ideas around.

I had a basic idea in my head of what I wanted to do. I wanted to break it all down into three different sessions. I wanted the participants to see just how easy it was to share documents with people in another room. I also wanted there to be a real purpose behind their sharing so true collaboration could take place. I found a couple of willing volunteers (Julie and Lura) to help me put the plan in motion. Supplies were gathered. We separated the educators into three groups.

Once the sessions began, so did the magic. I consider it an amazing blessing to be there when people share their first Google Doc. When they see someone else writing in their document right before their eyes, one of two responses generally happen, either this is so cool or this is so creepy. We had both responses. Then we really turned them loose. We had a container of supplies for each team (one person from each of the three groups). Their instructions: create. That’s it. Create.

Telling our stories brings us closer together.

Create they did!

After about an hour, we reconvened. Each team proudly showing off their creations and telling their stories. Laughter, and encouragement flowed through us. This was a truly fun day.


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