Student Creation

I just received a tweet asking about web tools for student creation. It got me thinking. Since my answer is going to be more than 140 characters, I thought this would be the best place for my reply. This isn’t an extensive list but rather a list of my go to tools. I’m sure there are many more. Feel free to add them to the list in the comments. I’m always looking for another amazing tool.



Web based tools

Powtoons – Powtoons allows students to create professional looking slides and/or animations.

Prezi – An oldie but a goody. Prezi is still a go to for many. A simple way to share what a student has learned about a topic.

Thinglink – Use your images to create interactive displays. Let students link their research using buttons and hot spots.

Canva – By uploading their own images and using the free graphics and fonts, students can create stunning graphics for projects of all types. The new templates even provide the perfect sizes for just about any project.

Piktochart – Even students can create stunning info-graphics with Piktochart. Samples are provided to get anyone started.

Mobile tools (Various platforms)

Paper53 – (iOS only) – This is my go to app for digital sketchnoting. Lots of great drawing/writing tools. Let your creativity be your guide.

PicCollage – (iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon) – This is a great app for annotating images. Upload images from your camera roll. Add those amazing call outs and stickers. Now you’ve got an amazing graphic ready to use in other apps/presentations.

Skitch – (iOS, Android, Windows) – Skitch is an Evernote product. It allows awesome annotations on images or anything in your Evernote notebooks. Great free tool.

AutoRap by Smule – (iOS, Android) – I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t a serious creation tool. But I urge you to have an open mind. Letting your students create music is a great way to pull them into a topic. Let them impress you with this app. In fact, check out the other apps from Smule while you are on their site.

QR Droid – (Android) – This little app may not seem to fit in this category. A QR code scanner doesn’t sound like a creation tool. It also is a QR code generator. Let your students go crazy. Have them create their own scavenger hunts with this powerful little app. Now instead of cutting and pasting from websites, let them link directly to the information in their presentations.

TouchCast – (iOS, PCs) – For video creation on an iPad, the TouchCast app is my favorite. The custom overlays provide users the ability to create very professional looking video with a minimum of experience. I just discovered Touchcast is available (Beta version) for desktop PCs. I will definitely be checking this out.

Desktop/Laptop (Windows/Mac)

Audacity – This is a great audio editor. Allows multiple channels and advanced techniques. Additional plug-ins may be needed to export to MP3 format but those are also available on their website.

Snag-It – This is my first go to for video creation. It allows me to grab video from my screen and add my own voice overs. Adding the free Snag-It Extension to my Chrome browser was a game changer. If you have a little money to spend, I encourage you to also look at their Camtasia software for more robust video editing.

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